Vandals smash windows of cars at Cypress parking garage with BB guns on Christmas Day

HOUSTON – A BB gun and Christmas time?

These two should only mix when it involves Ralphie.

But, a different kind of Christmas Story emerged in Cypress Wednesday morning, according to resident Gurmeet Kindra.

“There were things that were done to this car which should not be done during this holiday season,” Kindra said.

Kindra says someone used his vehicles parked at a Metro Park and Ride as target practice.

“Somebody used a BB gun and broke the back window,” Kindra said.

It’s not the first time, Kindra said.

“A couple of days before that our Honda car was also broken into and the side windows were smashed,” he said.

Other vehicles were also targetted in the second bout of vandalism, Kindra said.

In the garage, KPRC 2 found two areas with glass piles where vehicles were impacted.

Kindra says the total cost in damages to his two vehicles is more than $600. Kindra, who has been using the garage the last six years without incident, filed a police report.

“I would say for people who are hard-working and are living paycheck to paycheck, I don’t think this is a very nice thing to happen to them,” Kindra said of the other people impacted in the vandalism.

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