Baytown family with sick child says they’re facing eviction over A/C unit

BAYTOWN, Texas – A Baytown family says it is facing eviction after installing two window A/C units that help their toddler with a rare genetic condition stay healthy.

The child, Owen Bobo, who is now almost 2 years old, was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome when he was just 3 weeks old. The condition affects the child’s cardiovascular system and typically also includes intellectual disabilities and learning delays.

“He’s full of love and I think that overcomes everything that gets thrown our way,” said Blanca Aguilar, Owen’s mother.

The toddler has had three surgeries so far — two open-heart surgeries and one for his lungs. The Bobo family is getting ready for his third open-heart surgery in February.

“If he gets too hot he will overheat and his heart can have issues,” explained Aguilar. To help keep Owen healthy, the family installed two A/C units on their rented mobile home.

Soon after, they received a notice threatening eviction if the units were not removed.

“We were thinking if we show them that there’s a medical necessity for our son that there would be leniency,” said Blake Bobo, Owen’s father.

The family has lived at the mobile home complex for about ten years. A family friend owns the mobile home, and the Bobo family is currently in the process of buying it. But, they rent the lot to park the mobile home.

Bobo said even after showing the letters from the doctors, the management company wouldn’t budge, stating that the window units go against their rules and regulations.

"Apparently there’s no middle ground there’s no ‘Oh your child is sick, he needs this,’ it’s just, you’re in or you’re out,” said Aguilar.

The couple has filed a civil suit against Pecan Grove claiming, the company has harassed and intimidated them along with “on-going retaliation” against the Bobo family after they requested “a reasonable accommodation” for Owen in August.

The suit also lists two individuals associated with the company.

KPRC 2 reached out to Pecan Grove Village Ltd. for comment but didn’t hear back.