Parents raise awareness after a 16-month-old baby accidentally burned by hot water

HOUSTON – A 16-month-old baby is recovering for burn injuries.

Michael Brown and Sanja Poje, the baby's parents, said they were making coffee on the stove at home when they took their eyes off the baby for 10 seconds. The baby reached up on the stove, pulled down the hot water and it splashed on his wrists, they said.

The baby wasn't crying but was screaming in pain, Poje said. Then, the parents noticed the baby was missing skin around his wrists and blisters around his ears and his hand. The parents rushed the baby to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital for treatment.

"We used skin from his upper leg or thigh, and we were able to close the wounds are his upper wrists," Dr. Matthew Greives said.

The doctor said the baby has proper wrist function and mobility.

A few days after days, the parents said the baby is back to his energetic self. He is waiting for a customized compression glove from the Houston Fire Department.

The parents are hoping this accident will serve as a reminder to other parents.

“I was blaming myself,” Poje said. “I was trying to imagine how this could happen. I just wanted to let people know, it happens.”

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