Man crushed, killed in bizarre collision at north Houston mechanic shop

HOUSTON – A man was crushed and killed when a car fell on him during a bizarre collision at a mechanic shop in north Houston, and authorities say the person responsible for the accident fled the scene and law enforcement is looking for him.

The crash happened in the 300 block of West Canino around 4:15 p.m.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Aric Albers told KPRC 2 at the time of the crash, two people were working on one vehicle that was on blocks. One person was underneath the vehicle while another was at the front of the vehicle around the engine area.

The person who caused the crash, authorities say, was backing up a white van when he appears to have lost control of the vehicle and struck the back end of one of the vehicles that was up on blocks, which caused the vehicle to fall off the blocks and crush the person that was underneath the vehicle, Albers explained.

“Simultaneously, he also pushed that vehicle into another vehicle which pinned the person who was at the front of the vehicle into yet another vehicle,” Albers said. “The suspect in this case immediately got out of the vehicle he was operating, jumped into another vehicle and then fled the scene.”

HCSO described the suspect as a man in his 40s with the nickname “Tank.”

“We know he left the scene. With some of the people that know him here (have) been trying to get him back in contact with him to come back to the scene,” Albers said.

One person died at the scene and another person was transported to Ben Taub Hospital for major injuries, but don’t appear to be life-threatening. Both victims were middle-aged men, authorities say.

“I don’t think it was done on purpose, according to some of the people he knows here, they were in the process of bringing vehicles to this location to get fixed, to get repaired and when the accident happened,” Albers said. “He got into another vehicle and left the scene.”

“One of the personnel working here at the shop heard it, came outside and it was kind of a group effort to get the car off of him,” Albers said. “They had to go get a jack, and of course everybody was very frantic trying to get him out of there. They got him from underneath the vehicle. They were trying to administer him CPR and things like that, but ultimately, he did die at the scene.”

A family friend of the victim, Jesus Gomez, said, “My heart goes out to his family.”

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