Another cold one Houston! But, Christmas?

More Freezing Temps tonight!

Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center
Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center

HOUSTON, Tx – After plenty of 20s this morning with the clear, calm skies we are likely to crater again overnight tonight, especially in rural areas. Why? First, when it’s windy or even just a little breezy that keeps the warm air from the day mixed in to the cooling air, so that helps keep us warmer. No wind = no warmth!

And clouds help insulate us, but with clear skies any heat from the day escapes!


Here is where we landed this morning!

And as we head into the overnight, we’re still clear and calm! So lows are going to crater again:


But then the warm up begins toward the weekend with a bit of rain Friday into early Saturday. As far as snow is concerned for White Christmas, you’ll have to head north, far north. And west wouldn’t hurt either. The blue colors on this map indicate where snow is like for Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve (above) has us dry and mild. Christmas Morning (below) shows more dry weather. Lows will only be in the upper 50s with highs Christmas Day in the low 70s!

So enjoy the fireplace weather tonight and tomorrow--it doesn’t last long!


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