Montgomery hazing investigation update: No one will be formally prosecuted, authorities say; Read the full statement

HOUSTON – No one will be formally prosecuted following a hazing incident investigation at Montgomery High School, authorities said Tuesday.

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This is the full statement released by Montgomery County Attorney B.D. Griffin:

“My office has concluded our investigation of the matter involving hazing incidents among the varsity football students at Montgomery High School. While community standards and rules of appropriate conduct were violated, we have found no evidence of serious criminal conduct and will not formally prosecute any individuals involved.

“Various accounts of the hazing incidents and initiation ritual offered in various public forums, some of which are extremely disturbing and would qualify as felony criminal offenses, have all proven to be baseless and unfounded.

“Shortly after the incident was reported to authorities, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office recused itself and appointed my office as special prosecutor in the case.

“The community has been inundated with rumor and hearsay regarding this incident. The overwhelming majority of the rumors have proven to be false, misleading and malicious in nature and content. The young men involved have undoubtedly learned some valuable lessons and hopefully have matured as they contemplate the gravity of their actions.

“Independent of my office, investigations were conducted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery ISD Police. These investigations were professionally conducted, thorough and exhaustive. The investigative file is several hundred pages long and includes hours of recorded interviews. Investigators spoke with over 30 witnesses, victims, and perpetrators. Student witnesses included members and non-members of the football team. Their report includes interviewed parents of those connected to the allegations and those adults were cooperative and forthcoming, including helping locate and turn over items of evidence.

“These investigations uncovered no evidence implicating any coaches or other MISD staff as having knowledge of these initiation activities. Absent any new evidence to the contrary, there will be no charges against any MISD employees. Further, there is no evidence that would indicate any parents had any prior knowledge of the hazing incident, so no charges will be forthcoming against any parents.”

This statement comes after months of questions surrounding the investigation. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation of the case on Oct. 4. In late November, Montgomery Independent School District parents asked the board of trustees for answers, more than a month after an investigation into accusations over alleged hazing involving the Montgomery High School football team.

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