Thieves steal man’s $30,000 wheelchair out of car

KATY, Texas – Many crimes are disturbing -- but this one especially so because what was taken is so needed by the victim.

A customized, motorized wheelchair assisting him in his recovery from a debilitating autoimmune disease that initially had him paralyzed.

"It's been part of me now for over a year since last October," he says.

The man, who asked to not be identified, tells us he was celebrating his daughter’s birthday at the Longhorn Steakhouse on the 20600 block of the Katy Freeway near Westgreen Boulevard in on Katy Thursday night. He was parked in a handicapped spot directly in front of the restaurant. Someone still was able to break into his car and steal not only his laptop backpack but his beloved purple wheelchair. It’s one of the primary colors of his alma mater LSU.

The thieves also got away with a cell phone, an electronic notebook, and other property. The victim is working to purchase another wheelchair if his isn’t found. But he believes if the thieves don’t get caught there could be some bad outcomes.

“They’re going to run across somebody that will be there and defend themselves,” he said. “Or, you know at this point it’s a felony. I mean who knows how many thousands and tens of thousands they have stolen you know? They may not want to go quietly and then we put our policemen at risk.”

The victim also uses a cane, which is how he made it inside the restaurant on Thursday. He uses the wheelchair to navigate longer distances. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

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