Wild hogs becoming a nuisance for Manvel family

MANVEL, Texas – A Brazoria County family is baffled by what they say is the sudden appearance of feral hogs at their home.

The Boldings have lived in Manvel off Hanselman Road for 35 years and say they've never had a problem with the invasive species until two months ago.

"We noticed in our yard there was a lot of digging, almost like trenches,” said Joslyn Bolding. “We actually covered it up and in a few days it came back up so I said this cannot be human, man-made.”

When she posted a picture of her yard to a local Facebook group, all of the replies had the same answer.

"Everybody across the board said it was hogs. I was scared out of my mind, I'd never heard of hogs being out here," she said.

A trapper came out and even set up a camera which captured an image of one hog that managed to avoid the trap.

"I really do believe it's the growth in the area, Pearland is coming closer to Manvel and the growth out here is pushing them from their rural area into our area," Bolding said.

The family says they are looking into putting up a fence.

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