She wanted jelly: Woman angered by drive-thru condiment mistake pulls gun on McDonald’s employees


HOUSTON – A 20-year-old Memphis woman is facing felony charges after pulling a gun on McDonald’s employees, according to police.

Asia Vester went through a McDonald’s drive-thru on Nov. 25 and asked for packets of jelly, but was handed ketchup instead. According to a report WREG, Vester allegedly became upset by the mix-up.

WREG reports, “words were reportedly exchanged, and that’s when the 20-year-old suspect allegedly pulled out a gun. She pointed it at the employees before driving away.”

Vester was identified as a suspect by police after they obtained surveillance video.

Arrested eight days after the incident, Vester was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and three counts of aggravated assault, according to WREG.

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