Suspected drunk driver slams into HPD cruiser, officials say

A suspected drunk driver slammed into a Houston police officer’s cruiser on Saturday morning, police say.

The crash happened around 1 a.m. Saturday on Tidwell Road, near C.E. King Parkway.

The officer was sitting in his cruiser on the side of the road, monitoring traffic, when officials say a woman they suspect of driving drunk ran into the back of the stationary police car as she was driving east on Tidwell Road. The impact pushed the cruiser into the car in front of it.

The suspected drunk driver, 45-year-old Jeannie Isabelle, was taken downtown as part of the DWI investigation, police say. She was later charged with driving while intoxicated.

“I’ve already accepted driving while intoxicated charges,” said Harris County Assistant District Attorney Sean Teare. “We’re waiting to see the extent of the injuries to determine whether or not those charges get upgraded to intoxication assault of a peace officer.”

Thankfully, police said the officer in the crash was not seriously injured.

According to court records, this was not Isabelle’s first DWI charge. Just six months ago, she was charged with another DWI but the charge was later dismissed, according to court records.

“We’re confident he’s going to come out of this okay, which is a miracle based on the damage you see behind me,” said Teare. “This should be yet another call to everybody. Stop this. Just stop getting out here drunk and driving. Because, when you do it, things like this happen. You strike our heroes out here protecting us, you strike the rest of the civilians out here and lives get lost.”

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office said there are no anticipated upgrades but the final decision will be made once all of the officer’s medical records are reviewed in a couple of weeks.

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