Local support for Danielle Bradbery

Friends & family think she's going to win it all!

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

CYPRESS - A couple hundred teenagers packed into the Community of Faith Church near Cypress and restaurants in Clear Lake to watch NBC's 'The Voice' live on the big screen. Everyone was there to cheer on Danielle Bradbery, the local teen who is the crowd favorite to win it all.

"I have a feeling she is," said her older sister Monica Bradbery.  I have that feeling and my feelings are always right!"

Neon shirts for "The Voice" covered a Wings, Pizza N Things restaurant. Danielle's cousin says about 150 have been printed so far at Lavish T's in La Porte. Rhonda Snyder said, "Oh my gosh! So many people are asking. We stop everybody and we're going do you listen to The Voice? Vote Danielle!"

"It's crazy how far she's gotten," said Haley Haines, her best friend. 

Haines and Bradbery have been exchanging text messages and phone calls the whole time she has been in Los Angeles preparing for her live performances. 

"We talk every single day, almost every second," said Haines.  "We keep in touch because it's hard not having your best friend by your side.  She texted me right before the show and said she was nervous to sing the finale because she wants this really bad."

The text message from Bradbery said the song she sang on Monday night, 'Born to Fly,' was difficult to learn and that it made her nervous.

But there were no sign of nerves when the 16-year-old took the stage.

It was the last song of the night performed on the show.  Bradbery sings again on Tuesday night, the same night a winner will be announced. 

Family and friends plan to gather again at 11510 Space Center Blvd. Tuesday at 8 p.m.

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