Local store owner embarrasses thieves by posting wall of shame

The store is the only store for miles and is frequently visited by families and others to purchase their basic needs

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Happy Land Food Store in north Houston has been a staple in the neighborhood now for several years. But thieves have gladly taken advantage of the owner of the establishment on Parker road near Highway 59. The owner is fighting back.

Posted on the front windows for all to see are pictures of people who authorities say have stolen from the store. The wall of shame is complete with the charges the person is facing, the case number, the date of the crime, and the names of officers to contact with information. Loyal customers say "more power" to the owner.

"That's good. Yes, yes," said Vickie Worthy. "They need to be on blast and people can recognize them and maybe turn them in."
"A lot of robberies happen around this area, so that's kind of good," adds Charles Brown. "It's taking their own initiative. Very smart."

The photos were captured from surveillance video from the numerous security cameras in and outside the store. They apparently were unseen or disregarded by the thieves.

With this being the only food store for miles, Happy Land is frequented by families and others to purchase their basic needs. The customers don't want to see crooks run the store out of business.

"It's not fair for the business owners and man to have those people come in and steal his stuff," said Worthy. "I'm sure that's increasing his insurance and it's dangerous for the community."

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