Local officer caught in middle of controversial game on Facebook

HOUSTON - A new Facebook game is enraging thousands across the country and a local police officer is caught in the middle of the controversy.

On her personal Facebook page, San Jacinto College Police Officer Shannon Groves wrote, "I accidentally ran over my neighbors dog. To avoid conflict, I put him in my car & threw him out down the road. They will think he ran away & I won't get dirty looks every time I walk outside! Don't judge me. I couldn't find a shovel."

Soon Groves received dozens of replies, and some people thought the post was real.

One commenter said "Why didn't [you] just be straight up. If they saw their furry friend as a family member I'm sure they'd want closure. C'mon you're a cop."

Groves post was part of a prank that is going viral, with Facebook users posting the same disturbing message.

Local 2 tried to reach Groves at her listed address and then contacted her on Facebook.  In a message to Local 2 Groves replied, "Yes it was a joke that's going around."

Many area residents are not amused. 

"If it is a joke I think it's an inappropriate joke," said Malane Morris.  "There's nothing funny about that."

"I'm shocked," said Efrain Rodriguez.  "As a police officer you would expect a little bit more maturity."

"People have their right to say what they want," said Timothy Marshall, "But an animal is like a loved one to some people."

San Jacinto College officials said their chief of police is making Groves delete what they are calling an "inappropriate" post for a college police officer.  College officials are also sending out a reminder to all employees and students about their social media guidelines.

College officials said they plan to continue investigating the incident and decide whether further action against Groves is necessary.

The prank is so convincing that Rosenberg police said they are getting numerous calls from residents who saw the Facebook posts and are complaining of animal cruelty.

Groves subsequently deleted her Facebook prank post and wrote an apology.

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