Local man to perform on 'America's Got Talent'

HOUSTON - After entertaining drivers with his rollerblading dance moves, a Houston man will soon share his moves with the rest of the country on the hit NBC show America's Got Talent.

Juan Carlos also known as the "Montrose Roller Blade Dancer" has been stopping traffic for 15 years twirling to his own beat.

Juan Carlos dances to get into shape, but says rollerblading has turned into a hobby that gives passersby in Montrose a lot of joy.

"It gives them inspiration," he said.

So much inspiration, Carlos got a call from America's Got Talent.
Realizing it was an opportunity he couldn't let roll by, he traded the backdrop of Houston's streets and traffic lights, for the lime light in front of an audience and four celebrity judges.

There are several acts, from singers, to contortionist, to comedians who are competing for America's heart and a $1 million dollar prize. Juan Carlos says win or lose, he already has his prize, rollerblading in the heart of Houston.

You can watch Juan Carlos strut his stuff on KPRC Local 2 on Sunday night at 8 p.m.

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