Local fast food workers strike over wages

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter , Jill Courtney

HOUSTON - Fast food restaurant workers in 100 cities across the country are walking off the job Thursday hoping to draw attention to their efforts to raise the wages in the industry.

Houston was home to two protests Thursday morning. Workers in the city chanted "yes we can!" in protest of the minimum wage; but this outcry isn't only in Texas.

"The wages they are currently making they can't survive," said Rev. James Caldwell who supports the effort.

Currently, the minimum wage in Texas is $7.25, which equates to a little more than $15,000 annually.

Workers are asking for $15 an hour to make ends meet.

Back in August, workers also took to the streets calling for a raise in their wages.   

"I know how hard they work, and how hard they struggle," said supporter Dee Trevino. "I see it in my own community, and we should be here to support all workers."

Local 2 received a statement from the spokesperson at McDonald's which stated in part, "McDonald's and our owner/operators are committed to providing our employees with opportunities to succeed.  We offer employees advancement opportunities, competitive pay and benefits... We also respect the right to voice an opinion."

And using their voice is exactly what protestors and supporters say they plan to do.

These protest and rallies started about a year ago. All of the protests here have remained peaceful.

The restaurant industry says higher wages would push businesses to close, the customer to pay more, and fewer jobs.

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