Local 2 viewers help 2-time crime victim

HOUSTON - A woman was a victim of crime not once but twice, and KPRC Local 2 viewers reached out to help her.

All four of the tires on the woman's 1997 Honda were slashed Tuesday morning.  The single mother of two was stranded with no way to get to get nursing job in the Texas Medical Center.

It's a story that pulled on people's hearts. Dozens emailed Local 2's Courtney Zavala wanting to help the woman.

"I hope to be in a position to help someone like this one day," she said while fighting back tears.

One of the first people to reach out was Robert Flores, a McDonalds franchise owner.

"She's a nurse, a mom with two kids who needs to work," said Flores.

He met the woman at Discount Tire in southwest Houston with the help of Local 2's crew.  He purchased four new tires.

"Myself, I'm blessed and I thought I could pass a little bit of that to her," said Flores.

The woman just couldn't say thank you enough.

"It's nice to meet you. Thank you. Thank you," she said.

The woman first became a victim of crime during a December home invasion. Her two young children were held at gunpoint while the masked men stole Christmas presents, petty cash and electronics.

The robbers were caught, arrested and charged. The last suspect was sentenced to 10 years in prison last week. Then Tuesday morning, her tires were slashed.

"It is so good to know there are good people still put there," she said.

After Flores and the woman hugged and said thank you, they agreed to meet one day for a McDonald's hamburger.

The woman knows more people reached out to help her.  She said it is a gesture that will never go unnoticed.

"I wanted to thank every last one of them from the bottom of my heart. Even though I'm not getting anything from them, I appreciate the offer," she said.

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