Local 2 teams up with Habitat for Humanity, building home for local family

By Dawn Campbell - Exec. Producer, Planning/Special Events

HOUSTON - KPRC Local 2 is kicking off a big project with Houston's Habitat for Humanity.  In just a matter of weeks, we along with some local business partners will be building a home for a family of five.

Kimberly Hudson and her four children spent the last day of 2013 touring the northeast Houston property where their house will stand in weeks. It's a life-changing event for Hudson because of what she has already overcome.

In her application to become a Houston Habitat family, Hudson wrote of escaping domestic violence, only to move into an apartment that was ransacked by thieves.

With that break-in came bigger problems. "My children were scared to sleep in their own rooms," Hudson wrote.

She says this Habitat home will change that.

"Knowing that I have something that I can say is mine and no one can take it away, that's a wonderful feeling," said Hudson.
Her children Rickey, Roy, Dontrell and Dynasty are already making plans for their rooms.

"It's going to look like a basketball court.  I'm going to have a basketball hoop up on the wall," said 12-year-old Rickey."And I'm going to work on my dribbling."

Their new home will provide more room to dribble and more room for just about everything.  Things are a bit cramped in their current apartment.

Three of the children share a room and Hudson said there's not enough room to sit down at the dinner table together.

"I don't have enough room to get a big table for everyone to sit at, so my children sit here and I sit in the living room," Hudson said.

Hudson said her first meal in her brand new kitchen will likely be enchiladas.

When asked what she would do in her brand new room, Hudson's only daughter Dynasty had a one word response:  "Stay."

Hudson and her family will be staying in their home by the Spring. KPRC will be building the home alongside project sponsors: Star Furniture, MHI McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc., Noble Energy, and Shipley Do-Nuts.

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