Local 2 Helps Women With Bee Invasion

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - There are bees flying through the walls of Victoria Azpuru's home in west Houston. 

She said they have returned three times in thirty years.  At 74 years old, she nor her 79 year old sister, can get rid of them.

Azpuru just had surgery on her hand and a medical condition keeps her from going outside to do anything about it.  She told Local 2, "I saw new bees and old ones buzzing, buzzing around and I got scared and came out because I'm allergic to bees."

Azpuru called Local 2 and we called bee removal expert Claude Griffin at Gotcha Pest Control.

He went outside and quickly spotted the problem.  Griffin said, "They may have imbedded themselves behind that chimney, behind that siding, in that corner and there's a little moisture coming in."

Griffin left her home on Suffolk Chase Lane in west Houston Monday to plan his attack.  He planned to remove the bees on Friday. 

He said the ants near an electrical transformer in the backyard could become a problem too.  He was also trying to find a way to get her grass cut.

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