League City girl, 2, recovering after pit bull attack

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

LEAGUE CITY, Texas - League City police said a 2 1/2-year-old girl who was attacked at her apartment by a pit bull is in fair condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Mackenzi Plass was attacked Monday morning by the dog that belonged to her mother's boyfriend. 

"When I think of what that poor baby went through, I just, it's horrible," said Jeannie Plass, Mackenzi's paternal grandmother. "The left side of her face is pretty much chewed up. And she has a cranial fracture. Her scalp was lacerated. Her shoulder was broken and lacerated as well. As well as her upper leg."

Police said Mackenzi's mother, Chelsi Camp, was dog-sitting for her boyfriend when the dog attacked the girl. She said the quick action of League City Police Officer Massey saved Mackenzi's life.

"He was wrestling the animal, took a shotgun and while he was wrestling it, shot the shotgun to make it let go. They had to kill it for the dog to relax, to let go," said Plass.

Mackenzi's grandmother said the little girl has had three surgeries and has many more cosmetic procedures to come. But some damage, she said, is beyond repair. The toddler was in pediatric ICU at Memorial Hermann.

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