League City city council mulls resolution to keep out undocumented immigrants

LEAGUE CITY, Texas - League City council members are set to weigh in on the nation's border crisis this week as the council considers a resolution that would keep processing or detention centers for undocumented and unaccompanied youth out of its community.

On Tuesday, council members will vote on a resolution that would direct city staff and agencies to decline federal requests or demands to set up any facility to house, process, or detain illegal immigrants.

Council member Heidi Thiess is one of the council members behind the resolution. She said it was proactive measure, prompted by concerns about local resources like emergency services, infrastructure, and schools.

"I believe the federal government is already mismanaging these facilities. I believe they are exacerbating the problem. I believe now it has reached, as we all agree, a humanitarian crisis proportion. They're not adequately caring for the health, safety, and security of those inside the camps. So I'm concerned the federal government, which is already mismanaging the situation, wants to export that into my community," said Thiess.

Thiess said the resolution is two-fold, and would also urge lawmakers to take action. She believes state and federal government inaction is putting the burden on local municipalities.

"We're sending a message to the feds and the state authorities that you've got to stop this crisis. You've got to manage it. It's getting out of control," said Thiess.

League City resident Eric Litzinger told Local 2 he agrees the federal government should have already taken action, but he's still not sure he could support the resolution. "

As a taxpayer, I wouldn't have any problem funding a facility if we need to temporarily house some of these kids. I wouldn't have a problem with it. They're children," said Litzinger.

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