Last cruise ship passengers reunite with family in Houston

Travelers celebrate, arrive at Bush Airport Friday evening

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - It was a huge homecoming celebration at Bush Airport Friday night as the last charter flight of the day landed from Mobile, Alabama, bringing passengers from the Carnival Triumph home.

Debbie Powell's daughter was on board the ship.

"The wait was awful," said Powell. "It was an awful time from when we heard from them Monday, until we heard from them Thursday. That was unbearable."

The Powells and the Mayberry families held a sign. It called their daughters "The Unsinkables."

"When I finally got to hear from her, I cried like a little baby," said Dave Mayberry. "It was just wonderful. We can't wait to put our arms around her and tell her that everything's okay."

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At about 6:00 pm Friday, Mayberry finally got to see his daughter.

"It's kinda like a survival game," said Leslie Mayberry. "You have to strategize a lot and keep each other's morale up and keep each other laughing and stay happy."

Mayberry said she has not plans to take a cruise again.

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