Landscaper accused of scamming elderly customer

HOUSTON - A landscaper has been accused of borrowing money from a 91-year-old customer and repaying her with fake cash.

Jeffrey Layton, 49, has been charged with forgery.

Houston police said Layton asked the 91-year-old woman to write him checks for more than he was owed. He said he needed a loan to help pay a debt he owed, investigators said.

The woman had no problem loaning Layton the money, but she asked him to begin paying it back immediately, detectives said.

According to court documents, Layton paid the woman back with fake $100 bills.

The woman didn't know the cash was fake until her daughter questioned it, police said. The daughter took the cash to a nearby bank and an employee there determined it was counterfeit, investigators said.

Sources told KPRC Local 2 that Layton was arrested outside a Harris County courthouse Tuesday, when he showed up to face charges on a 2009 forgery case.

Layton is being held in the Harris County Jail with bond set at $10,000.

Layton's criminal history includes convictions on theft, weapons and drug charges.

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