Lake Conroe resort sued over death of 8-year-old boy

Live wires found near where Andrew Orvis died

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

CONROE, Texas - A Montgomery County resort is facing a lawsuit, accused of poor maintenance of electrical wiring that allegedly caused the death of an 8-year-old boy.

Andrew Orvis fell from a pier over Lake Conroe at the Piney Shores Resort on July 10. Orvis died at the hospital. His autopsy results are still pending, but Orvis' mother said she believes live wires found at the dock are what killed him.

"Witnesses described Orvis as having an unnatural body action and then going into the water, almost falling into the water," said attorney Randall Sorrels.

He was hired by the boy's mother to sue Piney Shores Resort and its parent company Silverleaf Resorts. Sorrels said city of Conroe inspectors discovered live wires at the dock days after the accident.

"The one thing that has not yet been denied, and seems to be certain, is that there were live electrical wires at that dock. That should never happen around a lake. Never, ever, ever, ever," he said.

Sorrels also filed a temporary restraining order and an injunction to prevent the resort from making any changes at the dock until investigators can gather evidence and note the condition of the wiring and the dock.

"The family hopes that other property resort owners will do a very thorough inspection on a regular basis, monthly or quarterly basis, to ensure the safety of their patrons and of the public," said Sorrels.

Local 2 called Piney Shores in Conroe and its parent company Silverleaf Resorts, based in Dallas. Representatives from both businesses said they have no comment.

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