Lack of voter registration cards have residents fuming

Redistricting map battle continues to cause delays

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HOUSTON - Many citizens have demanded answers about why there has been a delay in getting their new voter registration cards.

One resident told Local 2 her old card had expired, and she's concerned because a new one hasn't come in the mail.

Fred King with the Harris County Tax Assessor's Office said the reason is because of a continuing battle over the redrawing of state district maps. King said voter registration cards simply cannot be mailed until the redistricting fight is over and the federal courts have approved the boundaries of the districts and the precincts.

Texas holds the second largest number of delegates in the presidential race, but until the maps are drawn and approved, no primary election will be held.

The Texas Attorney General's office and Coalition of Minority groups had a deal on the State Senate maps, but that would apply only to the 2012 elections. Officials said eight other groups continued to contest the Texas House and Congressional districts.

A federal judge recently told republican leaders to plan as though the state's primary will be May 29.

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