KPRC's 'Choose Your Candidate' quiz

HOUSTON - KPRC Local 2 has a new way to help you make your decision in some of the races you'll see on the ballot this fall, with the "Choose Your Candidate" app on Facebook.

Once you go to the KPRC Local 2 Facebook page, you will see a button at the top for "Choose Your Candidate." In order to use the app, you must first be a fan of the page.

After clicking the "Start Now" button, you will see options for various races, including the presidential race. After choosing a race, you will see a set of issues. Choose your view on each issue -- Support, Oppose, Neutral or Don't Know -- then click the "View Results" button at the bottom. For the quiz to work properly, you should make a selection for every issue.

The quiz will then calculate which candidate best matches your views, and tell you how well other candidates match your views. You can share the results on your Facebook profile by clicking the "Share Result" button, which will also give your Facebook friends a chance to click a link to take the quiz.

Information in the quiz is based on the candidate's answers to key issues and gathered from the candidate's website and other sources.

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