KPRC Local 2 and Kroger's 'Stuff the Bus' sees record-breaking year

Customers donated pre-packaged supply kits and made donations at any Kroger checkout

HOUSTON - For 19 days Kroger and KPRC Local 2 teamed up for a school supply drive called 'Stuff the Bus.' Customers donated pre-packaged supply kits and made donations at any Kroger checkout.

It was a record-breaking year. On Monday, the supplies were handed out and we met some of the smiling students receiving the kits.

On Monday, students at KIPP Sharpstown College Prep were all fired up to get brand new, free school supplies, thanks to Kroger and KPRC Local 2's Stuff The Bus campaign.

"With KPRC's help, Kroger and our customers gathered almost a quarter of a million dollars in school supplies," said Joy Partain, consumer affairs manager with Kroger. She added, "That's going to let us help almost 32,500 kids."

The school supplies were bagged up at a warehouse and shipped off to five school districts in the greater Houston area including KIPP campuses.

"We have to first thank Kroger. But we see this donation as a strategic investment in the success of our students," said Rose Rougeau, KIPP's director of public relations and marketing. She added, "It equips students with the necessary resources and tools to help make their classroom experience a success."

KIPP 6th graders Bryan Castro, Arthur Branch and Fernando Hernandez understand the significance.

"I'm going to use it everyday, for math, for all my classes because that's what i need it most," said Castro. He added, "All my supplies are worn out even though it's the beginning of school. Like my notebook, all the papers are torn out so I can use those new notebooks for class. Thank you Kroger."

"It's going to be awesome with these school supplies and I want to thank Kroger for them, I could use those supplies now so that way I can have all my supplies for the entire school year so that way I won't be unprepared for class," said Branch.

"I want to thank Kroger cause in other [parts of the world] there are a lot of kids who don't have supplies and thanks to Kroger we have them," said Hernandez.

He added, "It's just like once in a lifetime. You have to appreciate it. I really appreciate Kroger for donating these to us because we really need them for our classes."

Year to year donations were up 11 percent.

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