Kingwood's "Nutrition Mom" shares weight-loss success

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

KINGWOOD, Texas - At 40 years old, Kingwood mother of two Stephanie Merchant was at a low point in her life. Her weight was spiraling out of control and she was dependent on prescription medications for heart problems and depression.

She had to take a hard look inward.

"I looked in the mirror and realized it was not headed down the road that I wanted to," said Stephanie.

Then 50 pounds overweight, Stephanie went back to school to become a health and lifestyle coach. Through her website, "The Nutrition Mom," she offers busy moms simple and healthy solutions to transform their lives.

"It was realizing that I was worth it," Stephanie said. "I was worth making that change because, you know, moms sometimes we put everybody before us. So it's important to focus on ourselves and realize that when we do that, we are helping the family."

She recently shared her inspirational story on "The Dr. Oz Show."

"Stephanie, what's the best part about not having that belly fat on?" Dr. Oz asked her.

"I lost 50 pounds. I no longer need my medications and now I'm a health and lifestyle coach helping other women do the same," she told Dr. Oz.

"It was awesome to share the stage with women with such incredible transformations and it was a huge honor to be a part of it," Stephanie told Local 2.

Stephanie's three, free short videos give moms advice on budget conscious, organic grocery shopping and recipes for five-minute meals geared to pleasing even the pickiest of eaters.

"It's not a temporary diet program," Stephanie said. "It really is learning healthier habits."

Stephanie's 50-pound weight loss also inspired her husband who also lost 50 pounds -- truly making healthy living a family affair.

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