Kingwood homeowners face hog issues

The hogs are targeting homes up and down the greenbelt, it's so bad some homeowners have spent their own money on traps

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

KINGWOOD, Texas - With large ruts and torn up grass peppered across her front lawn, Kingwood homeowner Nancy Schopman admits these days living next to a greenbelt isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"The pig issue as we say it around here," Schopman said.

According to Schopman, feral hogs tore up a good chunk of her front yard and they've been there three times in a week. 

Schopman said they lurk in the woods and strike under night cover and dig in search of food, leaving behind trails of destruction.

However, it's not the landscape Schopman and her neighbors worry most about.

"These pigs can be quite vicious and they are large," Schopman said. "These pigs come out just before dawn and at that time of day our high schoolers  are going to the bus stop. Six thirty in the morning, there are kids walking up this street heading for the bus. It's not the same as seeing a deer. These animals will attack you."

The hogs are targeting homes up and down the greenbelt. It's so bad, some homeowners have spent their own money on traps.

Concerned residents have turned to their community association for guidance but claim they're not getting answers fast enough.

"We need somebody who is knowledgeable to come out and take care of the issue. It's dangerous. It's not something that a few neighbors can do anything about," Schopman said.

Residents said they've contacted the City of Houston and Texas Parks and Wildlife. While trapping may be the best solution, residents say it can get really expensive.

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