Kids protecting themselves using self defense

Kids team up with Olympic taekwondo champs

HOUSTON - Olympic taekwondo coach Jean Lopez is passionate about teaching self defense to all ages. 

He says he learned the sport as a young boy.
"Being able to defend yourself and knowing you have the confidence to be able to defend yourself under those situations really does empower women, children and even men," said Lopez.
After Local 2's Dominique Sachse showcased her life-saving defense techniques, her children wanted to do the same.
"Bella, Ava, Nick and Styles were eager to learn different defense moves from Lopez and self defense instructor Patrick Storhas," said Dominique.
The kids were also taught how to get away if they were ever picked up and carried. Styles even surprised himself with how effective this is.
"Flip the script on the person if someone is trying to attack you. Defend yourself, warn them, attack back, just enough to get yourself out of a dangerous situation."  Said Lopez

















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