Katy couple believes they spotted legendary Chupacabra

The couple was traveling down Katy-Fulshear Road when they came across the animal and decided to feed it

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

KATY, Texas - It has four legs, hair around its neck that looks like a mane, and a long goat-like snout. But what exactly is it?

A Katy couple who took pictures and video of a strange looking animal believes they had a face-to-face encounter with the legendary Chupacabra.

"I'd say 100 percent it was one," said Deb Pesonen.

"I'm saying 100 percent myself now," said Jim Pesonen.

The Pesonens were returning home from dinner last night. The couple, who recently moved from California, was traveling down Katy-Fulshear Road near 10-93 in Fulshear, when they came across this animal, took pictures and video and decided to feed it.

"We heard about this only two months ago and thinking, 'okay this is Texas brand of Big Foot,'" said Jim. "Sure enough here we see this thing and we're thinking, 'Oh my God.'"

They had seen programs and heard about the legend of the Chupachabra. They went home and did research and they believe their encounter was real.

Local 2 called out pest and rodent expert Claude Griffin to examine the evidence.

"I've never seen video. I've never seen pictures like that," said Griffin.

For those who have doubts, Griffin says he's responding to an increasing number of exotic animals brought into Texas, legally and illegally. He believes what many people hold as legend could be a strange, cross-bred mix of stray animals that have been abandoned by overwhelmed owners.

"There must've been a really mean pack of animals to bring something that was that ugly, and that vicious looking to this side of town," he said. "Which is super unusual."

In the meantime the Pesonens are convinced.

"If the Chupacabra is as definition some sort of cross between a coyote, and hyeena, or something else with mange," said Jim Pesonen. "That's exactly what we saw."

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