Kate Spade opening second Houston store with Highland Village location

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - Houstonians apparently love to shop and retailers love Houston.

Kate Spade is opening her second store in Houston next month at Highland Village on Westheimer inside the Loop. It's going to be a 5,500 square-foot store.

"Houston has probably the best economy in Texas which has the best economy in the country and in turn the world," said Haidar Barbouti, president of Highland Village.

He said the Apple store is one of top performing stores in the nation. He also said the Restoration Hardware at Highland Village did over $35 million in sales last year.

Shoppers are happy to hear about another store and with Houston's strong economy shoppers will be getting more.

"It's great that retailers have the confidence in Houston, in Highland Village and in our economy to open flagship stores," said Barbouti.

Lush, an organic cosmetic boutique, also just opened at Highland Village. The next flagship for Highland Village is Design Within Reach, opening in early summer.

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