Kabooyow! Locals adjust to celebrity

Michelle Clark, Danielle Bradbery take internet by storm

HOUSTON - "Kabooyow!"

The phrase turned Brookshire resident Michelle Clark into an internet sensation.

"I'm stunned. It's amazing," Clark said.

Then there's Danielle Bradbery, the local teenage singing sensation who wowed the judges with her performance on "The Voice" and became the big star of the show.

"Everyone is like, 'Your voice is unique,' I'm like, 'Really?' I guess I hear it differently than people," Bradberry told Local 2.

Clark and Bradbery are now two local celebrities with two very different claims to fame. Clark's colorful coined catch phrase has more than 2.5 million hits on the internet and has taken on a life of its own.

"Everytime I step outside, 'There goes the kabooyow lady. Kabooyow, kabooyow!' that's all I hear," Clark said.

Meanwhile, Bradbery is now on the verge of music stardom. Her following on Twitter has gone from a few hundred before her debut to more than 8600 Monday.

Their new found fame raises a question: When does exposure become exploitation? Many are criticizing Clark and Local 2, calling the decision to feature Clark, "disrespectful and hateful."

Viewers also accused Local 2 of perpetuating stereotypes, making Clark "look like a fool" and turning her into a "laughing stock."

Clark doesn't see it that way.

"That's me. That's how I express myself. That's how I talk," Clark explained. "If you know me, you know how I felt."

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Clark is enjoying the attention and taking it all in stride as she tackles the storm of criticism head on.

"I was getting people's autographs. People were taking pictures with me. It felt good. I felt like a star for just being me," said Clark.

Bradbery dreams of being famous. While she occasionally feels the pressure, she is also enjoying the spotlight. Like Clark, she too is grateful for the chance to shine, no matter what happens.

"I'll believe in myself in whatever the path takes me," said Bradbery.

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