July 2012 Squirrel Watch

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Here are the Squirrel Watch 2012 photos I showed on KPRC Local 2 on July 2.

Above photo by April Bradley. April said, "This cute little guy is living on our neighborhood golf course (Hearthstone). I'm calling him blondie since his eyes are not pink, don't think he is actually an albino. He is so "tame" that I actually had to talk to him to get him to open his eyes for pictures, he was taking a quick little nap before his evening feed."

Above photo by Gordon Reed. Gordon said, "I was camping with my Boy Scout Troop 26 this past week in Huntsville State Park and I took these pictures of my Asst. Scout Master, Rick Henderson, and this squirrel taking a nap next to each other."

Above photo by Terri Franek. Terry said, "Squirrel's Eye View"...Good thing it is a "Ground'(ed) Squirrel"

Above photo by Paul Gregg, SMSgt., USAF, (Ret.). Paul said, "Our squirrels like to dig in our plants for cool, damp soil when the weather is hot.  This one was cooling off, then began cleaning up.  I thought I would go ahead and caption the one where his head is bowed.  Feel free to use either of them in your squirrel watch."

Above photo by Shana K. Griffin

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