Judge to rule on cheerleaders' Bible verse banners at school

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HARDIN COUNTY, Texas - A Hardin County judge is expected to decide if high school cheerleaders can paint Bible verses on banners. Cheerleaders at Kountze High School painted the verses on their banners for football games.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation complained that the signs violated the First Amendment that prohibits establishing a religion.

In September, the school district told the cheerleaders not to paint any more Bible verses on banners. The cheerleaders filed a lawsuit district court. The judge allowed the cheerleaders to keep making the banners until he announced his decision.

The Texas Attorney General said the banners are made without school money and are free speech. 

Attorney General Greg Abbott said, "We will not allow atheist groups from outside of the state of Texas, to use menacing and misleading intimidation tactics to try to bully schools to bow down at the alter of secular beliefs."

Local 2 will be in court for the decision.

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