Judge orders temporary ban on White Oak Music Hall venue

By Brittany Taylor - Digital News Editor

HOUSTON - Harris County District Judge, Michael Gomez has ordered a temporary ban to stop noise from outdoor concerts at the White Oak Hall venue.

The restraining order will be effective until Jan. 12, but the White Oak will be allowed to hold one last outdoor performance Saturday night until the next court hearing.

This restraining order was issued after residents filed a lawsuit complaint against the performance hall. After two days, the ruling argued by Houston attorney, Crus Feldman, who represented the residents of the nearby neighborhood. He said in one complaint, the concert took place on the night before some area kids final exams.

“Tonight, hundreds of Houston families can finally enjoy the privacy of their homes, and children can get a full night’s sleep,” Feldman said. “This constant loud music is an assault, and we call on the mayor to stop the construction of a permanent stage for the sake of the children. We will be ready in January to begin the process of closing these outdoor venues for good.”

The White Oak Music Hall had released this statement:

“After being sued by a handful of nearby residents, White Oak Music Hall defended a request for a restraining order during a two-day court hearing. Over the past two days, Judge Gomez carefully weighed the concerns of both sides and, with great care, fashioned a short-term, 14-day order. In crafting his order, he rejected the neighbors’ request to halt the development of White Oak Music Hall’s outdoor stage, which was the primary component of the neighbors’ request.

“The project to construct the permanent outdoor stage will move forward. Judge Gomez did, however, prohibit White Oak Music Hall and Raven Tower from hosting live music events with amplified sound for the next two weeks, with the exception of an event occurring on Saturday, Dec. 17. White Oak Music Hall and Raven Tower operate within the confines of the Houston sound ordinance, and we disagree that the concerts produce unreasonable noise.

“Efforts to resolve this issue with the residents that have chosen to sue the venue will continue, but in the meantime, we look forward to hosting all our other shows and events scheduled for the indoor venues at White Oak Music Hall.”

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