Journal with negative comments about students, staff discovered at school

Student removed from campus

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

THE WOODLANDS, Texas - A ninth grade student was removed from The Woodlands High School Ninth Grade Campus after a journal was discovered full of negative comments about students and staff members -- a list the principal said in a letter home to parents was highly inappropriate. 

"She seemed very nervous about it, kind of concerned me a lot, too," said Michele Till, whose daughter is a student at the school and is familiar with the list. 

"Someone had come to school with a hit list with about 100 kids on it. She (Till's daughter) was concerned. A lot of the kids were scared at the school."

The Tills said they are scared, too. They are demanding information from the district and feel the incident is much worse than the district is making it out to be.

"At least I should know if that kid's going to be in the school in the fall," said Mike Till. "I'm not going to allow my daughter to go to the same school as this kid. This kid should be removed completely."

A Conroe Independent School District spokesperson told Local 2 the student with the journal was removed from the school and an investigation was started by campus administrators and the police. 

The district said The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act prevents them from sharing the name of the student and the discipline that student received.

The principal sent a letter home to parents and insisted no individual was in danger.

"The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority," he said.

"They really need to wake up," Till said. "Take this seriously."

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