John F. Kennedy's drawing that originated in Houston is up for auction

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - November 22 marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Ahead of the anniversary, there is an opportunity for the public to buy a piece of Kennedy history, including a piece that originated right here in Houston.

It's a simple drawing, a doodle.  A doodle that is believed to be the last drawing President Kennedy did before his assassination.  It's on letterhead from the Rice Hotel.

"It's one of the finest pieces of Kennedy memorabilia," said Bob Livingston with RR Auction. 

President Kennedy was only at the Rice Hotel for a few hours, preparing a speech he would give at an event later that evening.  After that speech, he traveled to Fort Worth and was killed the next day.

The sketch was found the day after he left, and was returned to Kennedy's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln.

"It just speaks to his time, his love of sailing, and the tragedy that happened the next day, leaves you thinking what his last thoughts might have been," said Livingston.

The piece is now up for auction, and is expected to bring in six figures.

It is accompanied by a letter from Evelyn Lincoln, on White House stationary.  The letter talks about his visit to the Rice Hotel, and the hours he spent there.

Some of the other items up for auction are an engraved Bulova timepiece and secret service pins worn by an aide on the day of Kennedy's assassination.  

The online auction will run through November 13.

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