Joel Osteen gives preview of new book, 'Break Out'

Pastor Osteen's 6th book discusses five keys to go beyond one's barriers, live an extraordinary life

By Ruben Galvan - Reporter

HOUSTON - He's dynamic, sharp and can sink a jump shot from anywhere on the basketball court. Houston's Joel Osteen is one-of-a-kind and touching the lives of millions throughout the world.

"I don't feel like it's pressure, but a responsibility," said Osteen. "I don't take it lightly. I try to really prepare and pray and see what I am supposed to say."

People said they can't wait to hear what he has to say or write. Now on his sixth book, Pastor Osteen gave Local 2 a sneak peak of "Break Out," which talks about five keys to go beyond one's barriers and live an extraordinary life.

"It is a faith building, encouraging book. My last book was on speaking the right words," said Osteen. "I did a book on happiness, but this is to me about going further and believing."

The five keys include believing bigger, consider God and not your circumstances, pray God-sized prayers, keep the right perspective, and don't settle for good enough.

Osteen said it all starts with having the right mindset.

"If we had it all and we could see the future it wouldn't take any faith, but you have to believe and I think you have to honor God and treat people right, and live a life of integrity and beyond that you have to take steps of faith," Osteen said. "You cannot play it safe all your life."

Chapter 16 contains another big focus for Osteen: Not being afraid to fail.

"Like when my dad died, I knew I was supposed to step up and pastor the church, but everything in my mind said you are crazy to get up there because I felt like I couldn't do it in the natural, but down in here I knew I could so I took that step of faith," said Osteen. "You have to be willing to fail. I thought if I'd fail I would go back to my TV business."

Osteen said you can apply these steps in all areas of life, including on the basketball court. Osteen works out five days a week and shoots hoops with his buddies on his off-time.

"I think to stay balanced physically, spiritually and emotionally is very important," said Osteen. "It's easy to work all the time, but I'm better on the pulpit if I take time to exercise during the week, so I think it's about being balanced."

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