JJ Watt's family cheers from Reliant stands

Grandfather: This is beyond my wildest dreams

HOUSTON - As the Texans battled it out on Reliant field Sunday, J.J. Watt's family cheered from the stands.

Watt took to the field Sunday with his grandfather, mother and youngest brother in the stands of Reliant Stadium. His mother said they love Houston.

"It's the whole package," said J.J.'s mother, Connie Watt. "It's like we say with J.J., he's the whole package, and the Texans are the whole package."

This was his grandfather's first time in the Houston stands.

"We decided that his grandpa was going to try to make it down," said Connie. "He's been with him his whole life. Taking him to all of his hockey practices and football when he was younger."

Connie said J.J.'s grandfather has been to every game of J.J.'s life until college, when his health began to deteriorate.

"It's fantastic because I didn't know I would get to be here," said J.J.'s grandfather, James Watt. "I'm 80 years old. My grandkids keep me going. This is beyond my wildest dreams. He's just done fantastic. Never expected what he's accomplished at such a young age. Whole lot more than I did."

Witnessing Watt's rise to fame from afar, his mom admits seeing her son's success is a little surreal.

"I think the speed of it has just gone crazy," said Connie. "I think it's one thing to get used to being in the NFL. All of a sudden, to have him have such success so quickly has been phenomenal to watch."

The family said they're next stop will be in Pasadena, California, where J.J.'s younger brother Derek is preparing to play in the Rose Bowl for Wisconsin.

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