JJ Watt gives back to Houston soldiers

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HOUSTON - If you follow football, you know how much JJ Watt contributes to the Houston Texans, but he also contributes to the community. Some local soldiers and their families know that first-hand.

JJ Watt is known for his skills on the field, but what some may not know is just how much he does off the field, especially for military families.

"I've always had appreciation for the military, always been extremely appreciative for what they've done," said Watt.

Through the teams Texans All Community Ticket program, players buy season tickets for local non-profit groups, for Watt, that group was the USO.

"The fact that I got to take my daughter to her first game, it definitely made my day," said Army Specialist Kyle Bigley

Through the TACT program, Watt was able to buy 20 gameday tickets for USO families which were later raffled off.

Bigley's family was just one of the families that won tickets; and, little did Kyle know that a picture of his daughter from game day is one that Watt will never forget.

"At the end of the year I got a poster saying thank you for the tickets and on that poster there was a sign that a girl brought to the game that said ‘they sent daddy overseas and JJ sent us to the Texans game.' It was a cool picture," said Watt.

And thanks to Watt and the TACT program, the Bigley family said they'll never forget the memories they made that day.

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