Jewelry robbed at lunchtime

HOUSTON - An armed, masked robber hit a jewelry store in west Houston Wednesday.

Adrian Henderson was holding a sign advertising for Diamond and Gold Buyers, 2505 Highway 6, when he said someone walked into the store and robbed it shortly before 11:30 a.m.

"I didn't expect to be robbed," he said.

Five workers and two customers were in the store.

Detectives said the robber walked up to one of the customers, put a gun to his head, and then smashed the glass cases before taking off with jewelry.

Police said the robber apparently didn't act alone and that the second customer in the store may have been an accomplice.

"Her and the guy that robbed it came in the day before," Henderson said.

The store has surveillance video that shows the pair may have cased the store on Tuesday while pretending to be customers.

"She runs out before he's even done robbing the place," Henderson said.

The woman was detained for questioning. The gunman escaped.

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