Is Joel Osteen leaving Lakewood Church?

HOUSTON - Houston's popular mega preacher, Joel Osteen, has become the victim of an elaborate Internet hoax.

Someone created a fake social media profile under the name Joel Osteen Ministries and announced he resigned, citing a lack of faith and that he was leaving Christianity.

The fake announcement also included made-up quotes that allegedly came from angry and upset members of his congregation.

"I like him and watch him on TV and I even like his Facebook page," said Susan Laird. 'So, wow, that's wrong for somebody to do that."

A spokeswoman for Lakewood Church said they became aware of the hoax after receiving countless phone calls from faithful Osteen followers.

The spokeswoman said the church keeps an eye out for fake social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook that claimed to be link to Lakewood Church and Osteen.

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