Investigators: Man tries to rape woman during break-in

Paul Seifert charged with attempted sexual assault, burglary

SPRING, Texas - A man has been accused of terrorizing an entire neighborhood in Spring.

James Garza said he never expected to be aiming for a man with his shotgun in the 18200 block Navaho Trial.

Garza said before he could open the door on Sunday, his neighbor's daughter came running in holding a baby.

"Crying and frantically screaming that there is some stranger in her house," he said.

Garza grabbed his shotgun and ran to his neighbor's front door.

The mother, who owns the home, came running out, also screaming for help.

Harris County Precinct 4 investigators said the woman had just escaped from her home after fighting off Paul Seifert, 27, who tried to rape her.

They said Seifert's trail of crimes started earlier on Sunday, blocks away, when he tried to break into an SUV.

Someone spotted Seifert near a car. He then ran and, according to detectives, he broke into several homes.

Invstigators said Seifert eventually headed to a home where he locked the woman, baby and the 97-year-old father in law in a closet while he tried to rape the mother.

Everyone, except the elderly man, escaped through the front of the home.

Garza said as soon as he arrived at the home Seifert ran out the back.

"He went into a back yard area and was hiding in a swimming pool that had actually been covering up by a tarp," Garza said.

While deputies arrested Seifert, Garza and his wife helped pull the the 97-year-old man from the house.

Seifert has beem charged with attempted sexual assault and burglary. He is being held in the Harris County Jail without bond.

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