Investigators looking into Twitter threats against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

Authorities in Washington investigate after man tweets threats online

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Local 2 Investigates confirmed the FBI and U.S. Capitol police are looking into a series of tweets directed at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

The tweets appear to have started on Oct. 14 and come from an account belonging to a person who claims to be a veteran and lives in New

The tweets contain foul language and include a specific Houston address that belongs to Cruz.

"Show up at Ted Cruz's home he is the dirt bag (expletive) who caused all of this (expletive) to take place. Let's drag him out hid (sic) (expletive) home and kick his (expletive)," one tweet read.

The person's anger was clear as was their thoughts that Cruz was responsible for the partial government shutdown.

"Come people rise up at Ted Cruz, home in Houston, and take that anti-christ (expletive) down," read another tweet read. "Hang Ted Cruz, y (sic) by his small (expletive) if he tries another "shutdown tactic" He is a scum and needs tobe (sic) taught a street wise lesson."

When contacted by Local 2 Investigates a spokesperson for the FBI field office in Washington, DC wrote in an email, "We are working with Cap Police to investigate these threats, but no further info at this time."

The Senator staff also issued a brief statement.

"We are aware of the threats and in touch with the appropriate authorities," wrote Catherine Frazier with the Senator's Office.

Cruz appeared unfazed by these threats while speaking at a Texas Medical Association conference in Austin on Saturday.

At this time there is no change in the Senator's plans to speak at a city candidate forum in Houston on Monday.

The man behind the tweets changed his Twitter handle but appears to have an active account.

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