Investigators: Day care worker who crashed van doesn't have valid license

Court records: Kids shared seat belt, others not in child safety seats

HOUSTON - The day care driver accused of running a red light and causing a wreck that injured 16 kids does not have a valid license and may be in the country illegally, according to investigators.

According to court records, the accused driver, Conception Coronado, has been placed under an immigration hold.

Court documents also show that Coronado was transporting 16 kids in a 13 passenger van.

Three of those kids were sharing one seat belt, prosecutors said. Eight children riding in the van needed to be in child safety seats, but none were, investigators said..

According to police, Coronado ran a red light on Monday causing the wreck near West Gulf Bank and Sam Houston Tollway.

Despite being struck by a truck, all 16 kids only suffered minor injuries, according to investigators.

Coronado and the day care owner, Darryl Freeman, have both been charged with negligence because, according to investigators, the day care van had too many passengers and to few restraints.

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