TSA baggage screener pleads guilty to swiping wallet

Karla Morgan

HOUSTON - A woman who was working as a Transportation Security Administration baggage screener has pleaded guilty to stealing a wallet on the job, Local 2 Investigates reported Thursday.
Karla Renee Morgan, 50, of Anahuac, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of theft.  Her plea in Harris County Court at Law No. 14 means she is beginning a one-year term of probation and has been assessed a $200 fine.
On June 17, Local 2 Investigates reported she was arrested while working at Bush Intercontinental Airport.
The arrest report showed an undercover TSA investigator was responding to previous claims of theft when he staged a sting on Morgan.
He posed as a traveler who had just found a wallet near Morgan's checkpoint. The wallet contained 10 marked $100 bills, according to the arrest report.
Detectives said Morgan stuffed the wallet into her own bag and walked to her car without turning the wallet in to her supervisors or uniformed HPD officers working near the checkpoint.
When reached for comment after her arrest, Morgan said, "I don't talk to reporters."
She is no longer employed by the TSA.