Jilted Lover Sends Nude Photos To Man's Wife, Neighbors

Sex Photos Mailed To Wife And Neighbors After Affair Ends

PASADENA, Texas - A married Pasadena man told police his ex-lover got revenge by mailing nude photos of him to his wife and neighbors while the affair was still going on, Local 2 Investigates reported on Tuesday.

Several female neighbors called police when the envelopes showed up in their mailboxes off Scott Street in Pasadena.

According to a police report, the letters were addressed to "Ms." and then listed neighbors' addresses with a Pasadena return address.

The letters were actually postmarked near San Antonio, where the man who is pictured in the photos, was working on a pipeline job.

"I think she wanted to get me somehow," said the man, who asked to remain anonymous. "I want her to leave my family alone and my kids."

In the photos mailed to his neighbors and his wife, he is smiling toward the camera while exposing himself.

Each picture had a vulgar phrase printed on the back as if it was a sexually suggestive caption for anyone who received the photo.

"It's cruel," said one neighbor who received a copy of the picture. "It's definitely embarrassing, so I feel bad for the guy. Nothing should go that far."

Other women who received the photos said they were shocked and even afraid at the sexually charged photos, unsettled over children possibly seeing the photos or thoughts of being violated while they're home alone.

When police approached the man, he admitted it was him in the photos and he said his ex-lover was responsible.

He told Local 2 Investigates that police contacted the woman by phone in Camzo Springs, Texas and she agreed not to send any more pictures.

Officers said no crime was committed, so no charges are expected.Police took the copies of the pictures as evidence.

"I just don't want any trouble," the man said.

His wife, who wiped away tears as a reporter spoke to her husband, is standing by her man. The two have reconciled, according to the police report.

He said the ex-lover's revenge did not stop with the photos they took while their affair was going on. He told police she started calling his employer after the breakup and he was quickly fired.

"I lost my job for her," he said, adding she told his boss he was stealing from a jobsite.

The man denies ever stealing anything and said he is now searching for a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the woman.

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