Criminal act against property going viral

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - It is a crime spree  and viral internet sensation that started in Chicago last May and is spreading across the country like wildfire.

It's not hard to find, because the perpetrators of this new crime are obsessed with posting videos of themselves doing it on social media sites like Instagram.

It's called "Put 'Em In A Coffin," and it was created by a rap musician named VonMar, who has posted dozens of videos of himself doing it. He's even been arrested for it.

Just what is "Put 'Em In A Coffin"?

James McHugh, 28, lives in the Fifth Ward, and he can tell you exactly what it is, because it happened to him this past weekend.

"A group of young idiots, just out for laughs, to get themselves internet cred. They'll go out and film themselves jumping onto cars," McHugh says.

This past Friday night, McHugh's surveillance cameras captured video of a group of seven young men walking up to his white BMW.

The next morning, McHugh found both his car and his wife's car had footprints on them and had suffered major damage to the hood area.

"The hood of my car was all caved in. I couldn't believe it," McHugh said.

McHugh said the stupid teen prank will cost him close to $4,000 dollars in repairs for what he says a lousy, internet video that lasts 10 seconds.

"They get their buddies, jump on some cars and take a couple of grand out of my pocket," McHugh said.

On the internet, there are more than 500 video clips of teens running and diving backwards onto cars, news vans and even police cars.

Before the perpetrators make the dive, they yell "put 'em in a coffin."

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