Bank Forecloses On Home Destroyed By Ike

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Hurricane Ike destroyed dozens of homes in Seabrook. Many families are just now rebuilding, but when Brad Gana tried to pick up the pieces, he learned that Bank of America was trying to take what little he had left.

"I was shocked when they said they were foreclosing on it," Gana told investigator Amy Davis.

Gana was working overseas when the hurricane hit, destroying his home. But even then, he said he never missed a mortgage payment. It took him days to figure out why Bank of America was foreclosing.

"It wasn't until about 20 calls that someone said, 'We had a homeowner's policy on your home that you reside in, and your monthly payments have gone up,'" Gana explained. "But they never notified me that my monthly payments had gone up."

That's right. Bank of America took out a forced homeowner's policy on an empty slab.

Gana first learned of the foreclosure two days before his property was set to sell. He hired an attorney to stop the proceedings, but even after the foreclosure was halted, Bank of America removed Gana's personal effects from the property, including tools and collectibles that are now also gone.

Bank of America wouldn't comment on Gana's belongings, but in an email, a representative told Davis the bank "incorrectly placed insurance" on a home that didn't exist. It said it now has to audit Gana's account to make sure the bank corrects any discrepancies.

"Bank of America is ruthless in their incompetency," Gana said.

A Bank of America representative said the bank did send multiple notices to Gana about the homeowner's policy and his new mortgage amount, but all of the notices were returned.

Gana said that's because his mailbox was also destroyed in the storm. He claims he gave the bank an email address and two phone numbers where he could be reached overseas.

The representative sent this statement to Local 2 by email: "There were a number of factors that contributed to the issues that resulted in the actions that we took on Mr. Gana?s mortgage and property. We continue to research the incidents. We have contacted Mr. Gana and we will work with him directly to address his concerns."

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