Intruders force their way into woman's Lake Jackson home

Homeowner: Life threatened, money stolen

LAKE JACKSON, Texas - Three robbers, including one female, forced their way into a woman's Lake Jackson home, stealing cash and threatening to kill her, according to police.

"It's the same people from the day before," said Pamela Mitchell.

According to Mitchell, the same three suspects who forced their way into her home walked by the day before and said she they were just passing through.

According to police, the intruders kicked in a side door on Wednesday after Mitchell's husband had left for work.

"All of a sudden, I see these two guys and a girl come bum-rushing in here," said Mitchell. "I had laptops. I had cellphones, car keys, everything just laying out. They didn't want any of that. They just wanted money."

Mitchell said she feared for her life.

"He pulled out a knife, put it to my neck, threatened to kill me," she said.

According to Mitchell, she struggled with one of the intruders before she was pushed to the ground. The only thing the intruders took was cash from a dresser.

The incident has neighbors worried.

"If it's somebody in the area that got away with it once, they might well be back," said Brett Shine.

Police are looking for the suspects.

Mitchell said the two men and one woman were in their late teens or early 20s. She said they were white, wearing jeans, gloves and dark colored hoodies.  If you have any information, call Lake Jackson Police or Brazoria County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-460-2222.

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